Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Song of the Stone Wall

This post is a combination of local history, above ground archaeology and poetry (April is National Poetry Month in addition to New Hampshire Archaeology Month). It is also a follow up from Women's History Month in March.

The person who ties this all together is Helen Keller. Helen was a frequent visitor to the Mount Washington Valley. She also wrote the poem entitled "Song of the Stone Wall." You can read it here at this link or check out our copy in the Conway Public Library's Henney History Room. It begins with the magnificent and evocative phrase

"Come walk with me, and I will tell 
What I have read in this scroll of stone"

Children's books are often beguiling and wonderful ways to explore complex topics. The book Stone Wall Secrets is also featured in our current display near the library's front entrance. For details on the display see this link.

We also have several books by Tom Wessels that can help guide your exploration of stone walls in the field using subtle clues to determine if a field was used for haying, growing crops or raising sheep.  

If you are interested in learning more about studying stone walls contact us at the Conway Public Library's Henney History Room.

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