Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Groundbreaking News!...

... from twenty years ago. Twenty years ago Gary MacDonald, Chair Library Trustees and Margaret Marschner ceremoniously broke ground on the expansion of the Conway Public Library. 

The event was free and open to the public. It was announced through the newspaper ...

... and mailed invitations. 

The year is enshrined in stone on the library addition. 

The libray staff and trustees had worked for several years to fundraise and get all of the approvals for the project which culminated on June 5, 2004 with a grand opening celebration. 

As part of our twentieth commemoration of that glorious undertaking we will be presenting a series of blogs, public events, and displays. 

As you enter the main doors of the library please take a moment to view an exhibit on a small number of items from the large collection we have documenting the expansion. 

Please help us remember and work together towards the future of your library!