Saturday, April 6, 2019

Archaeology Month

April is Archaeology Month. 

The Conway Public Library's new Technology Librarian, Katie Belisle set up a display on the topic next to the circulation desk. For a listing of statewide events see this link here

The poster for this year (seen on the top right) features how remote sensing such as lidar and computerized historic map overlays help reveal new archaeological sites.

Katie will put on a program on how to use these new resources at the Conway Public Library on April 12. See this link. Included in the display at the library are a number of books that you can check out to explore 10,000 years in the Granite State.

Over time, much of the physical remains or evidence of previous life deteriorates such as wood, leather, and so on. However, items such as stone, ceramics and glass remain to help tell the story.

You can also read a recent article on stone walls in a recent issue of the Mt. Washington Valley Vibe magazine...

... and pick up a free copy here at our display.

The article was written by Phil Franklin of the Bartlett Historical Society. Stone walls are one of the ways of exploring abandoned farms and towns (ghost towns). By the way, Phil is working on an article on these lost places for the summer issue of the Vibe. 

Our display includes books on ghost towns and lost places such as Sandwich Notch and Goshen.

Kevin Gardner, the author of The Granite Kiss, will be offering a program on stone walls on April 10 at the Bartlett Historical Society see this link. For more information on this subject check us out at the Conway Public Library's Henney History Room.

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