Saturday, November 21, 2015

You Don't Know Jack ...

... English Jack that is!

English Jack, the Hermit of the White Mountains

Postcard showing the gap of the White Mountains in Crawford Notch

While he was referred to as a "hermit" his house was actually close to a large hotel and he was visited often by tourists. There is a great article written about him on the website. 

Detail showing sign

He referred to his ramshackle abode as his "ship." 

Interior of English Jack's house

Notice the canes hanging on either side of the doorway. 

Example of cane made by English Jack from the collection of the New Hampshire Historical Society
English Jack, the Hermit of the White Mountains was part of a long tradition dating back at least to ancient times of specially costumed characters whose job it was to entertain visitors with their "rustic" behavior. English Jack was known to tell outrageous stories and amaze tourists by eating frogs and snakes.
There was also a dramatic tourist attraction type character over in Franconia Notch known as the "Philosopher of the Pool."
For more information "comment" us or visit us at the Henney History Room of the Conway Public Library.
Just for fun, Here are a couple other English Jacks!

God Save the Queen

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