Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Seasonally spooky stories of the White Mountains

At first glance you would have a hard time finding something scary about this scene. 
However, if you look closely at the jumbled pile of rocks at the bottom of the cliff and place them within their historical context as an early local tourist attraction, you will have discovered the Devil's Den. 

We recently did a story time for local TV. To watch the show follow this link here

Here is another picturesque scene with a spooky story attached to it. 

According to legend, this was the site where Nancy Barton met her end and was found frozen to death after making her way through a blizzard. 

For more on her story watch the story here.

For more on the legend watch the story here

For more on the Frankenstein trestle watch the story here. 

For more on the alien story watch our program here

Our final two pictures have been tied to the tragic story of the Willey slide. 

Some have argued that this scene has an ominous look to it with the stormy weather and the dead trees in the foreground. It has been described as a "Landscape of Terror."

However, the irony is that this bright and sunny painting below is actually the site of the deadly Willey slide. 

It is only when you look closely at the details below that you can see the mud and boulders that created havoc. For more on the Willey Slide watch the story here and see our previous blog here

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