Tuesday, October 27, 2020

It's not news...

... to me it's history! 

Yesterday, I was able to catch a passing glimpse of the elusive Conway Daily Sun reporter Tom Eastman as he was making up the news, documenting a "ballet" performance of steel and glass, brick, wood and cinder block. The results of his work (and photographer extraordinaire Jamie Gemmiti) can be seen in today's issue on the cover and p. 6.

While he was recording the last moments of the old Pine Tree School in Center Conway, I was reflecting on the future of the past... and we need your help! My job is to clip and file by subject the  work they do.

Now we want the old school to live again by gathering your stories about it as well as collecting or copying any photos, papers or memorabilia you may have for posterity. 

We also plan to continue tracking history as it is being made for the next phase of this property including the wonderful plans for a park and community gardens and possible connection to trails. Many thanks to Sut and Margaret Marshall, the Spears Brothers and all the others involved in this project.  

Recently I have enjoyed watching the use of cranes and excavators on several projects with a historical connection including the steeple for the Little White Church in Eaton and the covered bridge in Conway.

I will be exploring each of these projects in future blogs, so stay tuned! 

For more information contact the Conway Public Library's Henney History Room. 

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