Monday, November 13, 2017

2017 Veteran's Day

This past Saturday, we honored Veteran’s Day in the Mount Washington Valley. We made a day of it, visiting memorials and attending events in North Conway, Fryeburg, and Chatham. We enjoyed patriotic music, speeches, rifle salutes, flag ceremonies, chili dogs and holiday craft fairs. There was a nice display set up inside the Conway Scenic Railroad train depot.

Part of the reason to visit Chatham was to update the Conway Public Library’s map of veteran memorials by documenting their re-dedication of their memorial at its new location on the open corner of Chatham Center, opposite the Town Hall.

As part of their ongoing 250th anniversary celebration, the Chatham Historical Society had also put together a display featuring area veterans in the Town Hall. Event Chair Doug MacPherson said “This is an event to remember our veterans that have passed, and to honor those still with us.” 

At the library, we are constantly collecting and updating our info and historical resources on many subjects including local military history. We have on file all the material from the recently closed exhibit from the Conway Historical Society on the "Great War" as we honor the one hundreth anniversary of US involvement in World War One. We still have several small displays up on this topic at the library. We also have quite a bit of material from other eras, including Revolutionary War and Civil War periods. You can search this blog for previous posts related to military history.

Come by the library sometime and ask about the story of the Civil War canonballs! We think you will be amazed. 

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