Monday, April 18, 2016

April 1916

On to our continuing coverage of the "home front" during World War One in Conway. The first page of each issue of the Reporter newspaper included a regular column on Conway with the subtitle “What the people are doing in busy Conway” (click on the image to enlarge it).


The local news in this column included short tweet like bits of miscellaneous information such as “The robins have arrived and can be heard every morning” and “Moses Thurston has sold his farm to Fred Kennison of Snowville."
One column was an appeal for the North Conway Athletic Club. A YMCA been organized and they were developing programs for basketball and baseball. They wanted "club rooms, a magazine and reading room, a pool table, perhaps, a small gymnasium where boxing, wrestling, and tumbling can be indulged in ..."

Among the benefits listed of such a program, "It keeps this younger generation off the street corners..." It seems some things never change.
We will see that the focus of the YMCA changes as the war progresses and the Conway home front  becomes more concerned of the war ranging in Europe.

At this point, there was in fact, more ink and column inches on cows and used cars than the war raging in Europe. Here is an example in the news from Wonalancet.  


Finally, on page 4, there was a short reference in the editorial section on the war.

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