Thursday, October 15, 2015

Conway Water Cures All

Without the watchful eye of the FDA, advertisers in the past could promote their products any way they wanted. In an earlier post we mentioned the Conway Mineral Spring as an early tourist attraction. Actually there were several mineral springs in the area. The one at Pine Hill seen in this advertisement card was the largest. (click on the image of the card to see it better).

You can see they made outrageous health claims for this water. The water came packaged in specially sealed barrels with a ready to use keg tap. On the back of this card under directions, it reads "As a curative, in most cases, use two goblets on retiring and two on rising, and one with each meal. If the stomach is weak, warm it at meal time." So now you have it, warm bottled water with a meal. Just in time for flu season!

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