Monday, September 21, 2015

Littoral History

Next week Conway will celebrate its 250th birthday as a Town. Chartered on October 1, 1765, our early history is literally written on the rocks of Meeting House Hill overlooking the Saco River and the wetlands to the west.

The new marker on the left was carefully chosen to match the size and shape of the earlier marker, creating a sculptural continuity of space and time. Archival photos from the Conway Public Library's Henney History Room show some of the celebrity the original marker has received.

Similar to "Plymouth Rock," our new granite marker will bear witness to Conway's history, only with more accurate supporting documentation.

A lot of history can be found along the shore of the Saco as it was a key factor in shaping Conway's history. Through a combination of maps, photographs, field work, newspaper clippings, town records, and other archival treasures folks can learn about the legacy left to us from our earliest settlers. We hope you appreciate this gift of history to the Town and visit the Henney History Room to learn more!

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