Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More Presidential events

From our friends in Wonalancet

A Special Evening of Theatre in Wonalancet

We have a unique, one-time, up-close and personal opportunity to meet two colorful, opposite but equally influential 20th century politicians in the flesh…

Calvin Coolidge and James Michael Curley will be portrayed by Michael Robbins and John Gallagher, Curley’s step-grandson “on-stage” at the Wonalancet Union Chapel Saturday, November 29th at 7:30pm

Experience first-hand the relationship between the soon-to-be President Calvin Coolidge and the four-term Mayor of Boston, James Michael Curley renown for his profligate corruption and his great personal charm.

Coolidge regarded Curley as an out and out crook who robbed the city blind. Curley, who served two separate terms in jail and characteristically referred to himself by name, expressed it differently: “Some people call it “grahft,” Curley calls it the milk of human kindness.”

This theatrical production has been performed in and around Boston, but this is a first for the Wonalancet Chapel!

There is no set fee for admission. Goodwill offerings will go toward the on-going maintenance of the Chapel.

The Chapel will be warm.  Seating is limited.  Come early.

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