Saturday, July 9, 2016

After 40 years photos find their way home

This year we celebrate 40 years of the Conway Public Library's Nella Braddy Henney History Room. Recently, a friend and neighbor of the Henneys donated 64 photographs and over 100 slides taken by Keith Henney. The donor pointed out that Mr. Henney certainly knew how to capture a characteristic moment of time. Bert Heath was said to be able to fix anything. He put his jalopy together from bits and pieces of scrounged materials and always had a cigarette in his mouth. Comfort was key, style was secondary.

Many of the pictures show the affection, appreciation, and understanding folks had of their animals. It's a love the Henneys shared. Above is Lucille Thompson in front of the Isaac Bean House. Notice the nice white socks on the mare. Below a pair of bald-faced Hereford steers bring home the hay under the goad of Herbert Thompson.  You can see the pride they had in a well built rick.

This is how Yankees celebrate the acquisition of a new generator for the town. You can see how excited they are and Mr. Henney was there to document the moment.

Many of the photos share the composition, lighting and other artistic flourishes seen in WPA photos of the period and the aesthetics of Norman Rockwell.  They also show the Henney's interest in history and love of their neighbors and friends. 

For more on the Henney History Room click here.

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