Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunset Pavilion

What's old is new ...
... at least to us!

We recently received donations of several menus related to the Sunset Pavilion once located in North Conway.

September 12, 1884
M.L. (Mahlon Lee) Mason, Proprietor
Sunset Pavilion

It's interesting to compare an online photo that is very similar to the engraving on the cover of the menu. See: 
You can actually enlarge the image to read the sign on the building. 

Another picture shows a boardwalk lining the roadway.

The menu from 1884 lists stuffed cod, boiled ham with Champagne sauce, corned beef, fowl, pork, roast sirloin, lamb, chicken, and cheese for desert. 

 The donation also included another printed dinner menu from The Sunset
dated six years later, September 2, 1890. 

You can see a view of White Horse Ledge that used to be able to be seen when the fields were cleared. On the right inset can be seen the "new pavilion music room" which is now the Eastern Slope Playhouse. 

The menu includes printaniere or "spring time" soup, (typically includes peas as the main ingredient) and other fresh vegetables, fish, fowl, roast beef, and minced lamb, and macaroni au Gratin (basically macaroni and cheese). 

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